If you think that you may be in the presence of a swinger, then you will need to make sure that you know the different things that you can do to figure it out. A lot of people that are around other swingers typically don’t even know that they are. Many swingers will end up leading double lives because they do not want certain people knowing that they swing. This means that they are very good at pretending that they are not swingers at all.

Talk About It

If you happen to be having a conversation with people that you suspect are swingers, then you should casually bring up the subject. You will find that whenever you mention swinging if the people are actually swingers they will usually have a strong reaction to the subject being brought up. If they do not want to be found out, then they will often begin to fidget and act uncomfortable. Others may end up opening up and wanting to discuss it with you further. If you find the person getting uncomfortable, then drop the subject, chances are they are not going to tell you if they are.


If you happen to be talking to a couple that you suspect swings then pay attention to how they react to other couples. See if they both happen to check out people in the same way that a single person would. See if they approach or how they approach other couples. Couples that are swingers will usually want to swing with other couples.