Wife-swapping is a recreation social and sexual intercourse between consulting adults.  Swapping involves swingers commonly consisting of male and female couples meeting with other male-female couples for sex and familiarity.

In this kind of activity couples express their sexual desires and fantasies, being courageous about it. Couples favour Swapping by stating their view point that swapping is a comfortable and compromising position that allow them to enjoy sex with different individuals to satisfy their inner, hidden desires and playing the role of husband and wife at the same time. They are able to fulfill their sexual longing and craving with whosoever they fancy instead of having dull sex with same partner everyday.


From the historical evidences from the museums and various libraries, it is proven that wife- swapping probably began during the World War II (1941-1944), amongst the defense personals, especially, air force pilots. Their fatality rate was extremely high. So, they used to organise parties before the military actions and exchange wives of their colleagues in those parties to make sure that if anything happens to them then the families will be taken care of including the sexual needs of their wives. So, this is how it started and spread from them to other groups and parts of the country.


There were also “Key clubs” where husbands used to toss the keys of their houses in a room where it was supposed to be drawn at random by their wives. The owner of the selected key used to be the sexual partner for the evening.

It was in 1950’s that media reported these activities in the United States of America and named it Wife Swapping. During that time the leading way to meet other wife swappers was through personal advertisements. These publications used to illustrate nude and revealing photos of couples involved in swapping.