Swingers are happier in their relationships than those who are not. I know it may seem bloat, but the statement you just read is indeed a fact. A scientific research was conducted using the help of internet questionnaires and the results of that research come to everybody’s surprise. 90% of swingers with bad relationship said that they improve their bond and overall relationship pleasures after swinging. Although the research can be biased, especially because internet questionnaires can be quite biased sometimes, but there are couples who live a better marriage after swinging.

In order to be able to improve their relationships with their real spouse, swingers must know several rules and points. The first is to be completely open about the swinging itself. If you are having sex with someone other than your spouse without them knowing, you are simply cheating and not swinging. Your partner also need to accept the idea of swinging and not feel threatened or rejects the idea altogether. They need to enjoy the process as well for the benefits to be mutual, and without this swinging will only dooms a marriage or a relationship.

Another important factor is how strong your emotional bonds and commitments to your spouse are. Swinging is not just about having sex with other people, it is about allowing both parties to have fun. It is only natural than one party desires swinging more than the other, but that doesn’t mean the hold-out party not being able to enjoy the process is acceptable. You need to make sure both parties have fun for it to actually improve your marriages instead of causing grudges and ruining the relationship.

So does swinging improve relationships? I think it is safe to say that, with proper approach, it can very much improve relationships and marriages.