Swinging can be described as a social and sexual intercourse for fun, with someone who is not your partner, but you enjoy the complete permission and consent of the other person, thus acting as swingers. It is also called as “lifestyle”.
The activity gained more wakefulness in 1960’s due to the research and development of advanced contraceptives. People became very progressive with broad outlook. Swinging should not be confused with swapping as swinging involves both, couples and single males and females. Broadmindedness in adults attracted the ideas of enjoying sex and materialising fantasies with different partners, instead of the droning monogamous relationship.
Swinging is basically a trendy recreational activity for broad minded adults. The most common manner is an adult male & female couple meeting other couples for sex and sometimes involving in close relationships also.  Swinging can be off-premises or on-premises. Couples may invite others to their home for swinging or there can be some arrangement in a place outside for swinging.
Swinging is practiced in various clubs, parties, orgies and gangs etc. The encouraging fact of a swinger lies in being honest and open with the partner rather than cheating. So, the swinging community involves all like minded single or couples. Swinging is a fun but there are some risks attached to it. People get engaged in it for short-lived enjoyment but sometimes it becomes complicated when regular sex with a swinger leads to emotional involvement in a relationship. You could also run the risk of loosing a friend or a partner who may not agree with your idea of swinging. The offer can upset or offend the other person sometimes who has a different mindset. There is various dreaded disease which can be a part of this activity of having different sex partners. So, a swinger needs to be extra cautious and try to have healthy and safer sex.